Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ok, I need to get this started. Shawn was so great to get it going and I have not been very good about keeping it up to date. Sorry honey!
I think we left off right after Shawn came home from Iraq. It was in November sometime. So I will start with Thanksgiving. I don't have actual Thanksgiving pictures ( I forgot my camera) but I'll post what we did.
We went over to our good friends home (more like my good friend, because both of our husbands have been deployed on and off since we have moved in to the ward, so they never really have had a chance to know each other). Anyways we spent a fun evening at their place (The Volcanseks) with lots of yummy food! Diane is an awesome cook, I never realized it because most of the time I have known her, her husband has been deployed and we both don't cook when hubbies are gone. We had a great time. The Swans joined in the fun for desserts and we all had good laughs! All in all the kids had a good time. We ate good food and we gave many thanks for being so blessed to have Daddy home just in time for all the holidays, for having such great friends, and for our health.

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